Week 3, Day 11: Make 'Em Laugh

Updated: May 1, 2020

Tip #11:

Up the Fun Factor

Yesterday, my family and I did a whole house deep clean. It took us less than 90 minutes and it was truly an all-hands-on-deck experience. It's not as though our house has never been this clean before, but the 4 of us have never before made the collective effort to do it together. And somehow, that makes me appreciate the cleanliness all the more. But, most importantly, we had fun. Honestly. After identifying what needed to happen, a map of the house was made and each person was assigned a color. Tasks for each room were then color-coded on the map and it became a version of Clue and Sorry combined. The first one to check off all their tasks was the winner. Extra points were given for helping someone else do a particularly tough or gross job. Not surprisingly, the kids dove in and nailed it, securing first and second places. Happily, hubby also dove in and cleaned up the long-neglected home office.

Make it a game. Make it a race. Time how long it takes day by day to get dressed, brush teeth, or take a shower. Can your kid beat his time? Do it in a silly voice. Invite your kids to do their piano lesson in costume. Play sing-along music while engaged in the task. Weather permitting, do remote learning outside. Convert some room into a fort and let the kids sleep in it. Think outside the box. Channel your inner kid.

Free to Be You and Me was a significant part of my childhood. For those of us who share this iconic album as a point of reference, you'll know the Carol Channing classic, "Housework." The final line is ringing in my head this morning: "When there's housework to do, do it together." Yes indeed, and make it fun.

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