Week 2, Day 6: Get a Social Life

Updated: May 1, 2020

Tip #6:

Social distancing is healthy; social isolation is not.

For all the blaming of technology for our societal ills, the fact that Sunday night I had a virtual cocktail hour with my besties is pretty amazing. And definitely therapeutic.

Our kids are used to seeing their buddies at the bus stop, in class, at recess, on the walk home, or at lacrosse practice. They are lonely. They need their friends. But they also need our help in enabling contact and thinking creatively about ways to stay in touch and share their lives with each other while also respecting social distancing.

Here are just a few ideas. I absolutely invite you to share your own in the comments section!

  • Schedule a video chat between your kid and a pal. They can compare what they've built in Lego or Minecraft, they can show each other the forts they made, or display the drawings they're working on.

  • Organize a video conference between your kid and her classmates, teammates, or besties.

  • Create a blog where your kids and their friends share recipes, challenges, book and movie recommendations/reviews, jokes, video clips, or how-to's.

  • Plan a regular video chat with grandparents, cousins, and any family who are sheltering-in-place somewhere else but change it up by playing music for each other or a card game together.

  • Plan a movie night in which a group of kids all stream the same movie at the same time. Pop the popcorn, get into pjs, and let the kids text their friends throughout the movie to share their thoughts.

  • Have tweens and teens create and share playlists for each other.

  • Did your family move across state or country lines during your child's life? Resume contact with a friend from the old 'hood through today's version of penpals.

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