Day 3: They're Watching Us

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Tip #3:

How we manage this crisis and its associated anxiety serves as a model for how our children will handle their own future crises and feelings of anxiety.

You already know that as a parent you are modeling appropriate (and, let's face it, inappropriate) behavior from which your child observes and learns ALL THE TIME. This feature of parenthood couldn't be any more true right now. We are all searching for guidance. For our kids, this is magnified 10x. They are looking to us to show them not only what to do day by day but also how to feel and how to behave in response to those feelings. How we manage adversity, how we handle our stress, and how we think about our communities will become blueprints for our kids experience of collective stress.

This is NOT a command to be perfectly calm, collected, and adaptable. This is a reminder that our kids are counting on us to be real about how we feel and how we're struggling while also watching us find ways to be grateful for what we do have, to be connected to people we love, to find purpose in our days, and to take care of ourselves in body and mind.

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