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Day 1 of Sanitized Parenting

If you too are a parent of K-12 children in the greater Boston area, you and I are finding ourselves in a unique position today. What we know for sure is that school has been suspended until April 7. Trying to work from home while balancing care of our kids, is a new frontier because this isn't a snow or sick day, this is a new age of social distancing and risk containment. I want to offer some tips specific to this challenging period in our lives, one day at a time.

Tip #1:

Stick to your and your children's weekday schedule as much as possible. Morning routine like you've got to get your kid to the bus stop or yourself to the office. Have your kids outline what their days at school would usually involve and mimic the schedule with your own version of goal-directed activities, meals, movement breaks and social time. Here's a sample from my own household: my kids were up at 7:30. We got dressed and ate breakfast, We pow wowed about what would be happening at school and both kids wrote down their schedules for the week. We brainstormed about projects and when we'd do various things like a Lego-building challenge, baking muffins, and assembling lemon volcanoes over the next 5 days. Now they're building Lego and we'll take a snack and recess break soon. We'll meet neighborhood friends for bike rides or appropriately-distanced walks later this afternoon.

After-school and evening routine like you need a good night's sleep in order to be productive tomorrow. Most of my kids' activities are offering ways to stay connected virtually from live-stream karate to piano lessons. Their bed time remains fixed to the normal weekday plan. That goes for parents too. We are all going to need to do everything we can to stay healthy in body and mind through this time. The less we stray from our normal patterns, adult and child alike minimize the tempting slide into apathy, not to mention the struggle of transitioning back to normal when normalcy resumes.

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